Harry Lindner is the founder. This is the first for-profit he has founded, although he has founded six other organizations in the past. His experience comes from founding a student or community groups dedicated to solving specific problems. His vision for EduSex began as a way to confront a problem he had growing up -- the false belief that he could give himself an STD. Harry draws motivation from his experience to make sure adolescents are not misinformed when it comes to sex education. He also plans for EduSex to be profitable, because it is actually addressing a very real problems (as opposed to traditional startups that are founded around a new technology) and it uses proven methodologies for success. He plans for a 10 figure exit.
    Upon graduating from grad school, he entered his idea into a competition -- 3 Day Startup. It performed very well. Two of his original teammates are continuing to work with him: Tom Ahn and Sam Acuña. All three of them received awards in the competition. The idea also caught the interest of a hight-sought mobile development company that has agreed to build out the mobile website and app up-front, deferring payment until the project has generated revenue. This kind of working relationship is unprecedented for this development company, and it speaks to the EduSex's appeal.
    Tom Ahn is an expert designer. He earned his Masters in Fine Arts in Graphic Design and has devoted a large part of his time to eploring the implications of design-based thinking in education materials. He is also brilliant, thoughtful, and compassionate. Sam Acuña is a hardworking and dependable web developer. Both Tom and Sam received distinctions for their hard work during the 3-Day Startup competition.
    EduSex has also employed the counsel of advisors/mentors who are experts in the fields of business, public health, and education. Our business advisors have provided valuable insight by sharing their similar experiences and affirming that EduSex would be valuable to parents. Out scientific advisors bring professional validation for out content (our advisors consist of a MAster of Public Health who specializes in sexual health among adolescents, a Family Medicine Medical Doctor, and Developmental Psychology PhD). We have also teachers to gain insight into the deficiencies that exist in conventional sex ed programs. Finally, peers such as Matt Evans, have generously offered their support by sharing their perspective on ideas and insight for the big picture.
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