Edusex is a sex education content provider. Customers can pick and choose what content is included in their purchase. This approach can be compared to the popular "Build-a-Bear" model. EduSex makes content available in multiple mediums: mobile web, mobile app, website, e-book, and printed book.
Traditional sex ed is written from the doctor or scientist perspective. EduSex changes the audience to the adolescent. It discusses sexual actions from hugging, kissing, etc. and the associated STD or pregnancy risks and its prevention methods. It does not beat around the bush. EduSex gives adolescents the information they actually need.
Problems with current sex ed system and our solutions
Symptoms clearly indicate that the sex ed in America is broken.
Among these symptoms, we include high-school pregnancy rates and STD rates that keep increasing in teenagers, not to mention the shame, embarrassment, and anxiety that typically accompanies the traditional sex ed experience.

Edusex brings sex ed back into the home and gives parents focused control over the material their children receive.
During the purchase of the materials, parents can curate what kinds of content they want for their child. One parent may not want their child to learn about contraceptives, while another may want detailed information for the 17 different kinds of birth control.

Traditional sex ed does not answer the questions that are relevant to the adolescents.
Sex education fails to communicate context in a way that is clear and easy to comprehend. In other words, sex ed is not tailored towards the adolescent.

EduSex has organized and tailored content specifically through the lens of the adolescent.
For example, instead of organizing content by doling out an exhaustive list of STDs and symptoms, information is organized by actions adolescents are likely to engage in (hugging, kissing, etc). While the same scientific minutiae is still available in our materials, we have given organizational prominence.

Traditinal sex ed remains ineffective resource for the parents.
Naturally, sex ed is a challenging topic for parents to discuss with their children. Moreover, parents find that ex ed in schools or church is either too explicit or not explicit enough. Parents want more control over their children's sex education, because it is a very necessary (and difficult) subject to approach with adolescents.

EduSex solves the problems for both parents and adolescents by delivering content in ways that are methodically designed to make sex ed easy and effective.
Our sex ed content will be available in the following mediums: mobile web, mobile app, website, e-book, and printed book. The content's easiness of understanding and concise nature will also be available in multiple formats for more accessibility and to fit the users' needs.

Who's behind EduSex?
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